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Yamaha WR250R / X heavy duty side racks for soft luggage

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Fits all years,heavy duty side racks made from 3/4 inch steel tubing,powder coated,rotopax can be mounted on both sides,sold as a pair left and right side with bolts.Rotopax and rear rack not included


you need to remove the helmet lock on the left side,and it can not be reused

remove the 2 upper bolts that hold the passanger footpeg bracket,you will reuse these bolts

hold the right hand side in place and place the upper mounting tab behind the subframe,use the supplied 25mm bolts with washers and nut to tighten ,and reinstall the bolt at the footpeg,tighten all bolts

hold the left side in place and use the supplied 25mm bolt with washer to secure the upper mounting tab to where the helmet lock was 

reinstall the passanger footpeg bracket bolt,tighten all bolts.