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1987-2018 Kawasaki KLR650 Pannier Mounting Rack

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Pannier mounting rack for Kawasaki KLR650 dual sport motorcycles. Mount your own ammo can, Pelican case, aluminum panniers or any luggage with this rack. Made of 3/4 inch steel tube construction, powder-coated finish.  Brackets included to mount your own case.

 Easy bolt-on installation. We supply all the bolts needed to secure these pannier racks also bolts to install your own ammo can, Pelican case, or aluminum panniers!


Powder coated finish

Made from 3/4 inch steel tubing

Easy bolt on installation

Turn signal does not need to be relocated

Fits both the old klr 1987-2007 and new klr 2008-2018

Comes with the mounting brackets and bolts to mount your own case


 The 2 longer 50 mm bolts go to the top mounting,

close to the rear rack, and the 2 35 mm bolts go to the passenger footpegs.

The 2 x25mm bolts and nuts go to the rear connecting bar,
keep everything loos until you install all the bolts,
then tighten the 2 sides and the rear connector last.
see how to mount cases here:


How to install the cases on the racks

install the racks on the bike and hold up the cases to the rack.mark the location with a sharpie

remove the racks from the bike

place the racks on the back of the  cases,make sure they are symmetrical

place the mounting brackets in place 2 at the bottom and 1 up in the middle

drill the holes for the brackets,bolt on the brackets

drill 2 more holes thru the 2 welded nuts,make sure that you do not damage the threads

remove the rack from the case and drill these 2 holes again with a bigger drill,about 3/8

make sure the welded T bolts fit thru

install the rack on the bike and hang the cases on the rack

install the T bolts from the inside of the case,hand tighten only to secure the case to the rack

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